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“SONATAL” is approved for use by Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russian Federation from 1996.

“SONATAL” Method

  • teaches parent to communicate with child before his/her birth;
  • establish spiritual link between mother and child;
  • improves health and mood of mother during pregnancy;
  • normalize physical and psychological condition of pregnant mother;
  • increases her resistance to weather changes;
  • performs general anti-stress function for mother and child since it reduces heart bits rate of pregnant mother;
  • reduces risk of intrauterine excessive hypoxia and is targeted in physical growth of foetus;
  • builds natural day schedule followed by newly born child in the future;
  • increases lactation of breast feeding mother and prolong its period;
  • children advance their counterparts in physical and intellectual development;
  • they are more creative;
  • children have better ability for music;
  • demonstrate earlier sense of humour and positive emotions;
  • they get ill more rarely;
  • more adaptive to environment;
  • sleeping soundly.

What is SONATAL?

SONATAL (from Latin sonus — sounds and natal — born) is method and program for pregnant women on pre-birth (prenatal) development and education of child by means of music.

Three effects of musical influence on mother and baby body are used within the method:

  • Psychological (associations, emotions, images);
  • Physiological (training of some body functions);
  • Vibration(activation of biochemical processes inside cells).

Method is based on musical influence of pregnant woman voice with lullabies taking special and significant place in repertoire. Besides singing other types of musical activity are used: drawing to music, motion to music (dance, rhythmic gymnastic), playing musical instruments and active listening to music.

Lessons program

Program is given in three stages (corresponding with three pregnancy trimesters and three stages of foetus brain development) and suggests weekly attendance of one hour class at the Prenatal Development School. Home lessons assume daily dosage of mum-to-be singing special

touches and motions. The classes are performed both for groups and individuals starting from the earliest terms of pregnancy till its end. Fathers can take classes too. Method can be used at home provided that recommendations and individually required knowledge are received.

After birth of child it is recommended to continue the lessons in groups of children of earlier development by "Intonics" method.

All songs are written by Professor M.L. Lazarev.

Theory and practice of “SONATAL” method

Acoustic stimulation of foetus results in more mature brain of born person.

Russian and American researches confirmed that 50-70% of neurons (brain cells) die at the moment of birth. Out of remained neurons only 10% functions during life.

“SONATAL” as a method of acoustic stimulation of foetus – is an attempt to stimulate brain neurons, to keep major part of neurons before birth, to activate the ones that remain after birth and to strengthen interneuron links.

Author and researcher of “SONATAL” method, Professor Lazarev believes that among other sounds there are two of them that are most important the ones differentiated by foetus: mother’s heart bit and voice.

Child gets used to words and sounds (prenatal imprinting) and passes through first stage of speech formation on the level of body perception of vibrations.

“SONATAL” program is build according to foetus brain development stages:

Researches proved many evidences of Mamababy (foetus) selective activity that is expressed in future after birth in form of already formed behavioural skills that are more significant then the ones perceived later on. This helped to offer a hypothesis of prenatal imprinting (“pre-birth imprinting”) that gives grounds for prenatal education and parenting.

Prenatal period is expressed as individual first stage in psychological development periodization. On this basis “SONATAL” method is deemed as method of creation of prenatal baby personality psycho-physiological nucleus creation.

From 1983 across Russia over 50 thousand children whose mothers used “SONATAL” method are born. In Naberezhnie Chelny city where over 70% of pregnant women attend School of Child Prenatal Development there is a decrease of children deaths at 8 promiles and significant decrease of illnesses among children on their 1st year of life.

Method suggests optimization of psychological and physiological processes in pregnant mother’s and Mamababy’s body and controls coronary and respiratory functions of mother and child. The rate of mother's heart bits is a biological index of such influence, and the best informative index of external respiratory function is a sound ranging test (duration of pronouncing of sound with mouth closed). It is proven fact that during classes the mean value of pregnant woman pulse is educed from 86 bits per minute to 76 bits per minute (at 8%) and average duration of sound ranging test is increased from 21 second to 24 second (at 14%).

It is known that during pregnancy the rate of coronary contractions increases abruptly (so called pregnancy tachycardia) that’s why reduction of rate of coronary contractions is one of the major physiological and psychological tasks since it normalizes status of mother and Mamababy and performs general anti-stress function. This conclusion is confirmed by study of pregnant women psychic status.

Improvement of index of external respiratory function is targeted for reduction of risk of intrauterine excessive hypoxia and therefore is targeted on physical growth of Mamababy.

Basing on results of studies of newborn and infants who took the course of prenatal education by “SONATAL” method initially was found and described new conditional-unconditional reflex – “Reflex of Smile”.

Results of studies allow us to speak about safety and high efficiency of method for both prenatal child and for pregnant mother.

Other ways of prenatal stimulation:

  • Rene Van de Carr (USA) — tactile method: language of tactile (by touches) communication with foetus;
  • Brent Logan (USA) — heart method: stimulation of foetus by rhythmic sounds similar to heart bits;
  • Don Campbell (USA) — “Mozart effect”: methods оf health improvement using classic music (including improvement of health of pregnant woman).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Don’t we destroy processes bestowed by Nature when we stimulate foetus by singing him lullabies for example?

Answer: Singing of lullabies (positive emotions, rhythmic breathing and rhythmic motions) is — major part of “SONATAL” program. It is proved during thousand years by all peoples of the world and contrary is a harmonizing mean.

2. I have read that now there are more children born premature. Am I required to take medical stimulators in addition to “SONATAL” program?

Answer: No. Method is targeted on activation of microcirculation in placenta, reduction of risk of intrauterine infection and hypoxia that are the cause for prematurity.

3. Does method cancel medications I used?

Answer: We don't cancel medication. But our experience shows that using the method improves general health of pregnant woman so that allows her to reduce the dose and often to cancel medication at all.

4. I don't have ear for music. Don’t I harm my child with false singing?

Answer: Vibrations of mother’s voice are deeper and more important for foetus then even classic music. But in any case we in classes we try to improve mother's vocal abilities.

5. I don't have musical education. How do I master the material?

Answer: Melodies of songs are very simple and do not require special musical training. In addition there are audio CDs and tapes offered to help mothers during home works.

6. What will happen in the future with earlier developed child in ordinary life?

Answer: Our children advance their counterparts in physical and intellectual development. That’s why they are better adopted to life. They can attend conventional child-care centre and school but it is better to create additional conditions fro their intellectual, physical and musical development since they can do better.


Prenatologist V.G.:
All mothers who practiced “SONATAL” method do not scream during act of delivery but sing syllables or songs that became comfortable for them during classes. If mother thoroughly practice the method during pregnancy then by the time of act of delivery she can distribute breath in such a manner that it helps baby to pass through maternal passages.”

“In one and a half year all mums-to-be with risk of habitual noncarrying of pregnancy or assigned for C-session carried their babies to full term and naturally delivered healthy children."

“Newly born child instantly reacts on mother's voice. Mother starts singing before feeding and child relaxes. All children a breast fed for a long time.

Mother Marina:

“During first three days after birth child reacted on lullaby in an "opposite manner": became active listening through new loud performance. Then he started to fall asleep adequately and by himself.

Reflex of smile was registered on 4th day.”

Mother Elmira:

“On sound “M” contractions were lighter. Now child (2 months old) recognizes song, turns and “directs” with his hands. Child listens to music with pleasure and smiles on performance of known song.”

Mother Larisa:

“‘SONATAL’ teaches to love child before birth and child receives more trained mother.”

Other programs of Doctor Lazarev

  1. “Intonics” is a program of earlier development for children aged 1-3 years.
  2.  “Hello!” — program of musical development and health education for pre-school children.
  3. “Flower of Health” — program of health education for primary school pupils
  4. “Asthma-School” — program of music therapy, respiration gymnastic, complex health improvement of children suffering from bronchial asthma.

Doctor Lazarev is an author of more the 1000 songs and 15 childish operas performed by programs, author-inventor of MUSICAL BELT for foetus, MUSICAL NIPPLE for infant, COLORED-MUSICAL ERECTOR SET for children of earlier school and pre-school age, BREATHING EXERCISER for children suffering bronchial asthma.