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Harmony baby

Wings of Childhood

This delightful CD comprises bass and soprano voices beautifully intertwined with piano accompaniment. The songs are rendered in a wide range of frequencies, the latter half being piano improvisation by Sergei Makaev.

The animal characters evoke the principles of developmental movements in these songs –on land, in the sea and in the air. This is an ideal soundtrack for any Music and Movement session. Children can run, skip, jump, roll and balance thus facilitating their own developmental movements and mirroring the movements of young animals experimenting with their own bodies.

Current research has highlighted the significance of the child’s listening environment (3-5 years) in acquiring language skills – speech and later reading.

Singing along with parents/teachers aids sound discrimination and should be encouraged.

During the piano medley, children may freely express the music with their whole bodies, using their own imagination to respond to the music. All this aids music appreciation.

Props such as scarves and instruments can be used in sessions to enhance role-play.

This inspiring CD is the combined expertise for musical and developmental stimulation for 3-7 year olds, by Russian paediatrician and musician Dr. Michael Lazarev, Head of the Children’s Rehabilitator Medicine in Moscow, author of SONATAL (Sound and Birth) and Sally Goddard Blythe director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester (INPP), an author and lecturer on child development. Her latest book being “The Well Balanced Child” (Hawthorn Press)

CD is priced at Ј13.99 plus Ј1.75 p&pReviewed by Bernadette Rivett-Carnac, lecturer at MCI. Available from

Further Information

The SONATAL (Sound and Birth) website of Dr. Michael Lazarev cannot be accessed. The INPP website of Sally Goddard Blythe can be accessed and readers will be able to follow the research of Paul Madaule, founder of the Listening Centre and his teacher Alfred A. Tomatis. Tomatis is a French physician- an ear throat and nose specialist, who developed an electronic device called the Electronic Ear to help people with language and communication problems. These academic papers of research are shared by all mentioned to give the reader a better understanding of the Developmental aspects of Music and Movement.

Montessori International, July – September 2007