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Лазарев М.Л.Michael Lvovich Lazarev is a Full Member of Pedagogic and Social Sciences Academy, PhD of Psychology, Doctor of Medical Science and Professor of International Academy of Arts and Sciences, Head of Children Pre- and Perynatal Health Dapartment Research Center for Children’s Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow, Russia

Dr. Lazarev is the author of SONATAL Pedagogic, based on his original theory of prenatal brain evolution.

M.L.Lazarev is the founder of prenatal parenting in Russia and the founder of the first prenatal school created on the base of Medical Exercise Clinic No.4 in 1984.

Dr. Lazarev is the author of Sonatal method of musical development of the fetus. Sonatal is recommended by Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russian Federation. It has been used in Russia and abroad from 1983.

He holds a patent on Mamababy musical belt used by pregnant women that allows future child to make its own musical sounds and to communicate with mother.

He authored “Harmony Baby”, a program of children’s early development through music; “Healthy Kids”, a health-improvement program for pre-school, and “Flower of Health”, a program for primary school children (Vol. Mnemozina, 2000-2008). Programs are recommended by Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.

He has written over 1000 children songs in the musical genre Music of Motherhood and Childhood that he created.

He also authored science programs: Theory of Health Education; Ontogenetic Pedagogy (prenatal-oriented education); and Ontogenopathy (developmental medicine).


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